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Hello :)


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Hello fellow subtitles lovers! And also a big hello too to the creators who made all of these possible!

Thank you for all the community spirit and all of your hardwork over the years.


While I do not think that I can be considered a 'native English speaker' (I am not from Britain, USA, Australia etc), yet I could not get the 'need' to have English subs accompanying everything I watch. Haha. Well, I grew up locally, as with all other citizens of my generation and those who comes after, with English as the medium of instruction in our education, English as the business language and English as my personal preferred language for almost everything these days. Despite being bilingual too in my ethnic language, it has become a habit to load English subs with each English episodes prior to watching (lol, ikr?!!) Even when rewatching them on DVDs, I must turn on the DVD English subs. I really don't understand this 'need' of mine to load English subs and watch plus read at the same time... Sorry, I digressed lol.



Don't exactly know what it is...but if there is a word which I would use, it would be 'comforting', I guess? I find it comforting to listen to the English dialogue and then read the same words +/- 0.5sec before/later via the English subs :P



I sometimes notice minor spelling errors and such in uploaded subs but they were corrected by the time I got around to it, after procrastinating of course. So yep. (Yay! U da best, Addic7ed community! Fast work indeedy!) I have been watching (mostly) US TV series for the past 6-7 years or so and it is about time to start giving back more than just heartfelt thanks. Read: less procrastination and a start on contributing minor corrections.


Anyways. Just wanted to say thanks again really. Thank you for making part of my TV diet a 'comforting' experience! So glad that I finally got around to registering an account on the forums here to do this shout-out.

Take care and stay awesome yall~

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