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Hi From Norcal


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Hi everyone,


I became interested in subtitles after installing a new TV for my mom in NJ and somehow set the Closed Caption option to ON. I was in a rush to catch a plane back to CA and arrived home to several irate voicemails. It got too confusing to try to explain how to turn the Closed Captions off without being in front of her TV, with her remote. I promised to find someone who might be closer than 2,800 miles away to come help her. By the time I got a nearby relative to stop by one night, about a week later,, mom had decided that she could not watch anything ever again without subtitles. I then made the mistake of turning her on to my private video library that I that lets her stream TV shows and movies and then buried myself deeper by offering to take requests. Many of her requests were for British shows and all hell broke loose when she happened upon one series that had sub files in place and it has become a relentless pursuit to make sure every video in my library (there are hundreds, maybe close to a thousand) has it's corresponding subtitle file. A labor of love, really, since I am truly happy to spoil my mom and keep her entertained.


So I guess this message is to say thank you to Addi7ed and instead of just grabbing subs, I thought I'd say hello to the awesome people who make this all possible and to the sub-talk community in general. I've found every single thing I've ever looked for here, so far, and have finally been stymied by one of the more ridiculous requests by mom—a 1947 movie called The Damned (Les Maudits?)—but that's something I will have to research a bit more and if I still come up empty I will compose a message in the correct forum.


Anyway, thanks again for this resource. See ya 'round the forums :)


mia aka squeakypup

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