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Nice To Meet You All :)


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My name is Katie and I have been using subtitles from Addic7ed for a while now and just realized that you can actually edit the subtitles if you see words that are wrong, or if the timing is off, or if it is even missing words. So I would like to help out as much as I can when I am using the subtitles.


I really appreciate and respect the men/women that take their time and work really hard to make subtitles in many languages/formats. I only
download subtitles from Addic7ed because I have yet to watch a show or a movie that I couldn't find subtitles for on the site. I have only
noticed a few errors here and there while using these subtitles and I use them quite often since I mostly just sit and watch tv shows/movies
on my computer almost all day long while working on school work and my art. I would love to learn more about editing; the process, how to use the programs, formats, etc. I will be reading a lot of tutorials in the forums, checking out videos, reading faqs, etc. But for now I will just stick to editing subtitles on the website.


I do sort of have a question that I will post here and I will post in the General section for Subtitles.


I am editing the subtitles for an episode on the Addic7ed website and I do not know how to add a sequence. I am not opening the file in a subtitle editor or any program. You just click edit under the download button on the website and it opens the editing up on the webpage. I can edit times, and text, and what have you but I can't seem to add a sequence. I need to add a sequence because sequence line 42 and 43 is missing. Why would that be? Also, can someone tell me how to add those 2 sequences on the website instead of using any sort of program?


Very nice to meet you all. And for those that make and/or edit subtiles, keep up the great work! I do not go anywhere else for my subtitles but Addic7ed because you do an awesome job. HIGH FIVE!!!


Glad to be here,


Katie <3

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Hello there!  :lol:


Thanks for your contribution to Addic7ed.


Good luck on your art, and for the second part, I already answered it in your other post.



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