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Comments Not Showing Up

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For some reason my comments are not showing up after I enter them and I'm not seeing any comments on the new subtitles.

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+1 on that.
The problem hit me with the latest episode of The Blacklist.


Edit #1:

It seems that my problem might be largely confined to The Blacklist show (although there's an apparent delay before the comments are displayed with other shows in another test) ... with both:

1. season/episode selection/navigation (but wasn't a problem before this week)




Edit #2:

Last weekend (I think), I updated to FF26 - which might be part of the problem (if Chrome has followed FF in the Java policy & if Java might cause the problem)... but I can't see why it would be so selective (eg. not all shows in FF are a problem)


However, my setting for this plugin is "Ask to Activate" and I don't get asked when on Addic7ed.

So, I dunno...




What I said previously:


I'm usually using latest version of Firefox.
I entered my thanks comment and posted it and ... nada. It didn't get added to the list.
So I did it again... nothing.
So I started Chrome and checked and... both comments were there.
Went back to Firefox and... still not listed.


It seems that if I exit out and return later, the comments are there.

But there's a significant delay (several minutes before they appear)... and, with The Blacklist,  the coloured "X" usually beside my comment is not there either.



It seems to be part of a wider issue with my browsers since this week.


The Blacklist (only): Addic7ed quick search box: I can choose the show but when I click the season ('1')... nothing.
It won't display the episode list.

Anything/everything in Addic7ed quick search box: The initial default display shows ("1000 Places..." to "49 Days") but I can't use the vertical scroll bar (in the quick search box).
It won't allow me to scroll through the list of TV shows so totally non-functional.

Internet Explorer:
The Blacklist works ok; no problems.
But I never use it (security issues).

The only way I can get to subtitles for the latest episode of anything in Firefox or Chrome is to:
- go to the home page and hope the show is listed in the recent updates; If it is, I click on it and the page opens ok.
- click the hyperlink show-title and get another sscreen showing all episodes and translations; choose one and it goes to the page ok.
Once I get the episode page open, subtitle download then works ok (but that is different functionality ... it just involves clicking a hyperlink).
But, as said, comments didn't work in Firefox.

I've not had any navigation problems on any other site.

But both these problems happened at the same time ... so I'm assuming they have a common cause.

What has changed? (or is it more likely something changed on my system and affected both browsers?)
Is Java or Flash involved?
How do I fix it?


Edit: This post updated after new tests.

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