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Can't post comments


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When I open the page for a single episode, I am unable to post comments, because there is no box to enter a comment... despite of being logged in to my account (see screenshot below):

- Firefox: below the various subtitles I see the white box with comments from other users, and below the user comments there should be a box to enter my own comment and a button to send it. (I have seen a screenshot of what it's supposed to look like). But in my case, the message box (to enter my comment) and the button "Send comment" (or something like that) just aren't there.

- Chrome: not even comments showing up, only a red star/circle, indicating something is loading, but it's loading infinite. Not to mention, that whenever I click something, a new tab or window opens, trying to install some questionable ad/malware extensions.


Also, when I click a user name to open his profile, the option "Send PM" is just non-clickable text, nothing happens when you click it. But using My Panel > Messages > Compose works, here I get a message box to enter text and a button to send it. However, the text box for posting comments remains missing.

Can someone help me? Someone have a solution?

I've been using http://www.addic7ed.com for some time and since the site and people (volunteers) behind it are just really awesome, I registered an account today, to be able to comment and maybe even contribute. But it's not working, sadly, with two different browsers.



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Hi, @Pakka! Welcome!

Newly registered users aren't able to post comments for a few days to prevent spamming. But you'll get there :)

As for the issue regarding the comment box endlessly loading, you might have a look at this topic: Comments.

See you!


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Well, glad to be here finally, @kinglouisxx - Thank you very much! :-)


No comments box?

Check - will wait a few days and see if it does appear then.

Endlessly loading comments in Chrome?

Check - read the topic you linked and will test "ublock origin" with Chrome as soon as I can. As I understand it, it helps with both the spam and the endlessly loading of comments? Would make sense since I almost exclusively use Firefox, with No Script and Ad-Block.

Send PM?

Lol, my bad, now I see what you mean. Send PM ---> Compose. Got it! Thanx for the help!

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Tested and confirmed:

with the extension "uBlock origin" in Chrome browser, addic7ed works like a charm - user comments are there (instead of endlessly loading) and there's no more harassing ad-ware/malware.

It's like using Ad-Block and No-Script with Firefox browser (where comments worked right from the start for me, because of these extensions, as I know now). Very interesting, still, because in my experience, when a page does not load correctly or some elements don't work as intended, it's because ads or scripts are blocked by those extensions and the solution is to turn these extensions off and allow scripts ony by one - almost everytime. But this time, it's the other way around, it seems.

Only missing thing in both browsers now is the box to write/send own comments, but like you said: I'll wait a few days and get there, hopefully :D

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