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I don't know what's happening, but thank you for your fantastic job, MOS!

You're one of the most important contributors for addic7ed, a lot of good shows would have flown under the radar, if it weren't for you.

I'm sure that around here nobody hates you, or maybe scumbags.

Could you be more explicit?



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If you were banned, you wouldn't be able to post here. If you have any questions about your membership status, ask one of the Admins.  Your subs are excellent, but your attitude leaves something to be desired, ie the way you put Addic7ted down in some of your posts, and the way you're generally rude to people in others.


This is a great site; for many of us seeking reliable subs, it's our go-to site. I'm somewhat hard of hearing, and rather than annoy my neighbors by having my shows on too loud, I use subtitles.


Again, thanks for your many great subs.


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