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*pyari Enters*


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Hi!  :)  

I'm new around here. not that you won't know if I hadn't mentioned but, luckily, I don't take common sense for granted so :wub: ..


anyways, I've been enjoying all the awesome subtitles this community has been effortlessly putting up for years and of course, appreciating silently in my heart until, to my dismay, I suggested some of my friends to take a look over here mostly because they won't watch any episode of any serial without me sitting by their side - not for fun or anything like that - but because I would "translate" every single dialogue into a lang. they know before they could proceed to the next dialogue. so, yeah, I'm here to actually make some subtitles in "hindi/urdu" in english-alpahabets since the traditional .srt file is well-known for begrudging with the UTF languages. I believe, it would be helpful to some degrees, if not all to not just my friends but all those out there googling days n night for "hindi/urdu" subtitles of their dear shows. see ya all around!   :rolleyes:

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