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Hello everybody at addic7ed.com..  I have been using this website for many years now and I happened to forgot my password for my other old account and figured it was time to start anew and register as a brand new user at this time..  Basically I wanted to tell all the sync'ers, translators and correctors how much I truly appreciate all of your hard work..  You guys are excellent and I cannot express enough through words how much you have enriched my life up until this point and continue to do so for the future with your most excellent english hearing impaired subtitles simply due to the fact that I am a deaf individual which relys on those subtitles to understand what is happening in the television show and follow the plot of the story that is being told for that particular episode..  I used to have a television subscription and I do not have it anymore which makes this service of syncing and correcting the subtitles even more vital for me nowadays..  Thanks to all of sync'ers and correctors from addic7ed.com team..  I look forward to enjoying all of your awesome hearing impaired subtitles yet to come.. =)


Most excellent!


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