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<p>Greetings or rather &quot;G'day&quot; from downunder.&nbsp; First off I would like to say a big appreciative thank you to those who operate/run/admin/moderate/correctors/contributors to the fantastic site of addic7ed.&nbsp; The selfless assistance you garner to those that need or require subtitles truly does make a difference to the viewing abilities of persons with a hearing disability.</p>
<p>I have utilized addict7ed for a while but only recently registered there to utilize the multi download function as I update some of my older programs and add subs to them.&nbsp;&nbsp; Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks. <img class="bbc_emoticon" src="" title=":rolleyes:" /></p>
<p>I've been upgrading or adding subs to my content as I am helping out some friends for a while who have hearing disabilities and are even less technologically advanced as myself (if that's possible). &nbsp; They are over the moon with such assistance the benefits of subs brings to them.</p>
<p>The reason I signed up to sub talk is two fold.&nbsp; The first to say a very sincere thankyou the second to make a request, which I will do in the appropriate thread. &nbsp;&nbsp; My ability to contribute is limited and my skills non existant for creating subs, however I will endeavour to keep an occasional eye on the requests thread and should I have subs to such requested criteria I will submit them in the appropriate manner through upload in addic7ed.&nbsp; As it is my request will be for Star Trek Enterprise Season 3 in Bluray english subs (The 1st 4 episodes are there sub by army113).&nbsp; I actually have Season 1,2 and 4 in same and will submit such.</p>
<p>As I said, this post is not only to introduce myself but to say a big thank you to all those involved in making &quot;addic7ed&quot; into what it is today.&nbsp; Cheers.</p>

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