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London Calling... To The Far Away Towns...


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I have been using Addic7ed.com for a while to get subs for shows like Les Revenants before UK TV broadcast it.

I recently got interested in an odd Japanese show called Sailor Zombie. The show populated by Japanese/Disney crossover teenage girls

[Japney or Disanese?] doing some "pop-idol" stuff in a world ravaged by zombies. It tickled my funny bones and I found it cute. BTN has the series as a download but no subs. Tonight I found MP4s of the 12 episodes with English subs up on YouTube. I'm considering extracting them and posting them here synced with the 720p files on BTN.

Would that upset anyone or break any of the rules?


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Hi, welcome here.

Yes you can upload them since we don't do that show.

However, raw subtitles are not tolerated. Raw subtitles are! all in uppercase, all in lowercase, no punctuation...

Even if those aren't corrected to our standards, they need to be presentable :)


If you need info on how to change the case and such, you can check out Subtitle Edit, it's a great software.


Got questions? Read our FAQ. Wanna support me? Check my Tipee.


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