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Hi I'm new !


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Hello !

I'm new on Sub-talk and on Addic7ed and I just wanted to say hi to the community.

To briefly introduce myself:

I'm a french guy who recently turned 18 and I'm currently studying English at the university.

I'm here to help the french transtlators of Addic7ed as best as I can ( I cannot do it all the time ^^ )

I sincerely hope that I'll work with great guys/girls but I'm sure that it will be the case ! :)

I don't really know what I could add.... Anyway, have a nice day and see you all soon ! :)

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Hi there ! I'm new here too, and I didn't really know how to introduce myself, so I just randomly decided to do it here :)

I'm French and I study English at University just like Thorvald, I decided to join Addic7ed because when my favourite series were released, I was always wainting for the subtitles to arrive and so I decided to give a hand to translate just to keep me busy ! I've always liked translating and I mostly do it for my roomate who is crazy about series, but who doesn't understand English enough to watch one without subtitles. 

Have a good day (or night, wherever you come from) !

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Welcome, brosbeforehoes !

Did you find the French Forum as well on this site? I'm sure they will help you with all the ins and outs to make nice subtitles. I think you will learn so much better English by making translations. In Elementary, Holmes uses sometimes an archaic type of English (or you might say upper-class English) with words I never even heard off and with other series you will learn a lot of slang or even Cockney Rhyming. CLICK


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