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Hi everybody my name is Erwan and i'm a 24 yo french guy who really love to speak different languages, acutally i study English spanish and russian at university.

It's been 6 years that i look series with french subtitles, and so many times i want to say NOOOOO why do you traduce you by "vous" those people know each other since 5 seasons how it could be possible ^^

My favorites are : Games of throne (of course), The big bang theory, Elementary, Black box ( :( ), Doctor who, Banshee, The Blacklist, Modern Family, The vampire Diaries, The original, The walking dead, Kaamelott (my favorite ever ^^), How I met your mother, H, Dexter, Dominion, Lie to me, Misfits.....

So I really want to help and not been a simple spectator :) See you soon on a translation for sure :) 


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Welcome, Totti76!

Did you also found the French forum here? I'm sure they appreciate your help. The "vous" thing I understand, it's maybe part of the "rules" the French translators agree on.

It's a funny thing, in Germany, if a wife is married to a doctor they call her Frau Doctor, even if she not even finish high-school. Married to a doctor gives her this "status".

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