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How can I become a Team Member?


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Hi there, 

Actually Team Member is just a grade for people who sync subtitles. So if you wanna make part of that, contact @chamallow.

However, if what you want to do is just translating TV shows, then go ahead, and translate whatever you want  :D 

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Thank you

Actually, I tried to upload my LA Spanish version for S05 E05 but it says "Team Members Only" that's why I got here in the first place

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That's because you did it wrong.

Game of Thrones is indeed a Team Members Only upload, which means that Team Members are the only ones who can upload a NEW release.

But once the release is there, anyone can upload their own version. 

What you did is click on the UPLOAD button at the top of the page, which won't work for several shows because as you said, it is Team Members Only, and as I said, it is for NEW releases:


What you want to do is go to the GoT S05E05 page, scroll past all the versions to the bottom and click on UPLOAD A NEW VERSION:

And that's it! You'll be able to upload your file.

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