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hello, need help translating portugese to english


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there is a portugeuse telenovela on dailymotion. all the videos are there but the subtitles are not in english. can anyone help me out. i can provide the videos if you can provide good subtitles

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you could translate with babelfish or somethin, dunnno hows well it turn out but give it try and see, there is also google translate and they have a toolkit apparently for this -here are instructions - http://www.ghacks.net/2015/03/16/translate-subtitles-quickly-with-googles-translator-toolkit/  here the toolkit -- https://translate.google.com/toolkit/list?hl=en#translations/active


took a quick look and found more too, i have not tested any of these but there is options -- http://subsmill.com/ does it all from the web, even shows a sample example of Portuguese | English so there you go !

another web one -- http://www.syedgakbar.com/projects/dst/ looks easy to use !


then there is program you can get on https://sourceforge.net/projects/translator-srt/

many choices!  hope this helps



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How ill-advised of you to suggest such tools, @addic7.

These are exactly what's to banish. Translation requires much more subtleties than what an automated tool could ever do.

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