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Hi The Community!

First of all, I'm happy having found this site and to be part of the community! Thanks for making this possible :-)

I'm a 39 year old man in love with languages. I personnally speak 4 languages fluently and wanted to become a movies/tv shows translator. Unfortunately this did not work out. But I would be very much interested in being part of the translation community :-)


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Welcome, xman412!

If you want to be become a fan subtitler and you can read Dutch/Flemish I can send you a step-by-step manual how to work with SE (Subtitle Edit) and start working your translations for the community.

Enjoy your stay!

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Hi BorisVictor

Thanks for your welcome! Unfortunately I am not really performant in Dutch/Flemish. But with my German background, I might be able to read it. Do you want to give it a chance?


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