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introduction of me to here

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hello, this is introduction of me to here,

I am in Canada, and I like to help my Chinese friend. I help this friend to  have nice movies in English, with chinese subtitles.


The friend speaks and reads some English, so if I cannot find Chinese subtitles, it helps to at least have English subtitles

 on English movies , which this person who is learning English can read while they listen to the spoken and often

broken up , slang, heavily accented and hard to understand English.  A lot of people who are learning English

face the barriers of having to try to understand all of the difficult combinations of bad grammar, slang, word play/euphemisms,

heavily accented English (southern american accents, Ebonics, or British accent , for example) when watching English language

movies or television shows. It helps a lot to have the spoken words accompanied by an English subtitle file. I burn DVD's for my

friend, and I provide videos for flash drives too.

So I am constantly wrestling with subtitles formatting issues, trying to hard code chinese subs for DVD or trying to hardcode

English subs for flash drive files. 

I am here to try to find ways around obstructions which I run into.


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