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[Project] Automated resync translator

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Hi everyone,

I think that would be great if we had a program wich automatically translate re-synced subtitles wich were already translated in our language (french for example, but it's the same for all languages).

My first idea for such a program was simply to copy the translation lines from a non-resynced english file and the timestamp lines from the synced english file into the new resynced french file. But :

The English file and the French file would need to have the same number of sequences to have a satisfying result.

Which is rarely the case (once downloaded), as interjections and all aren't kept in the translation process.

In order to avoid this problem, I imagined this concept :


And if the timestamp or the translation does not match, we will check manually.

Do you think that program could work ?


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Hi there,

have you tried SubtitleEdit, in order to resynch?

You're French, you'll understand this, no doubt -> http://jon-ge.tumblr.com/post/31742815678/comment-synchroniser-simplement-2-fichiers-de



The problem with this (your link) @Traditore is that the result could be quite random as both files would most likely have a different number of lines.

It could approximatively work in some cases and could as well turn out to be a complete mess.

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Hello Mr M1st3rN0b0d7

I feel it's a great idea to develop a automatic re-sync program, but I'm not sure if you are a translator yourself, but keep the following points in mind:

- An uploaded English .srt on Addic7ed does not automaticity man the sync is in good order. This has to do with the rules (every spoken word has to be in the .srt) and also some series I follow easily needs a couple of hours to resyc to the "proper" way. Typically, lines are not merged in the first (English) .srt

- A good sync roughly works as follows: Actor speaks = subtitle on screen. Actor stops talking: the subtitle off screen. You can stretch the duration to get a good CPS (Characters Per Second) as long you don't hit the next speak.

- Languages are different as how long the subtitle will be. This means also a difference in duration. (21 vs 26 "characters"in your line 01 in the example) this influence also the sync.

- A minimum and maximum duration time should be built in...

I feel there will be a lot of manually checks to get the sync right, but good luck!



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I know, @kinglouisxx that's why I use VSS in order to resync ;)


This place is like somebody's memory of a town, and the memory is fading.

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Salut, pour la resync d'un 4e sub à partir de 3 srt, y a un tool qui a été fait sur SF par spirit.

Instructions (datant du 2/10/2009) :
- Installer Python (v2.5+, pas la v3).
- Placer ce script http://spsubs.free.fr/downloads/make_resync.py dans le répertoire contenant la VF, la VO et la VO 720p.
- Double-cliquer sur le script pour générer la VF 720p.

Je vous laisse tester :D

++  ;)  

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@Yvon ► Je viens de tester cet outil. Il semble fonctionner selon le concept que j'ai schématisé là-haut. Cependant, comme BorisVictor l'a expliqué, il y a des différences de nombre de caractères entre l'anglais et le français, et l'on doit corriger en conséquence la durée d'apparition du sous-titre (cf. le nouveau schéma ci-dessous qui explique ma troisième version du concept corrigeant ce problème). Mais mis à part ça, cet outil semble efficace.

Cependant, je n'ai pas compris comment il procède quand la traduction ne correspond pas.


Donc le premier fichier qu'il demande : « Select Subtitle file to resync » correspond à la source des sous-titres (en l'occurence français)
Le deuxième fichier qu'il demande « Select Subtitle file for source sync » est celui qu'il utilise pour vérifier la correspondance avec les sous-titres non-resync (en l'occurence anglais)
Et le dernier fichier qu'il demande « Select Subtitle file for target sync » est celui qu'il utilise pour récupérer l'horodatage (en l'occurence le re-sync anglais).

En tous cas, merci pour ce logiciel.
PS : je n'ai cherché à comprendre son fonctionnement que par des tests pratiques, mais je n'ai pas lu son code intégralement car je ne sais pas programmer en Python ^^

@ English people ► This tool Yvon talked about seems to work like the concept I explained in this topic. But like BorisVictor said, there is a difference of duration between english and french, and this tool does not correct that problem.

In order to correct it, I made the third version of my concept (cf. the image above) and I hope it's the good one, this time !

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Why didn't I had this idea earlier ???


Same result, simpler.

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