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Hi! addic7ed is great sub-site! Made an addic7


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Hi sub-talk,


these forums for addic7ed and other sub sites too or what is the case?

just curious.


anyway, once i figure way to post avatar with gravatar i thought i .make somethin.. took a drawing i found online [not mine] and slapped on the addic7ed logo for customated addic7 avatar, made it in ms paint, must be bored ha. time to get my f1x 

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Welcome dear @addic7! Glad you are addicted to Addic7ed.

These forums are destined to discuss everything subtitles related, as the name — Sub-Talk — suggests.

This is a place destined to gather people from various places but this is indeed Addic7ed's main forum.



PS: And please spare us another post full of "7" next time. You're a fan, we get it, but please this is just absurd. (referring to this: 7777)

But nice pic, definitely :) 


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