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Hello and a question


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Hi there, pretty new to the forum, but I've been a user of Addic7ed for a while now.  I'm hearing impaired, so I always use subtitles. 

I'm just getting into editing and creating subtitles, and I have a question about uploading to Addic7ed.  I ripped captions to .srt files. I used UTF-8 encoding.  Then, using Subtitle Edit, I proceeded to change the casing, spell-checked, and then used the default options with the "Fix Common Errors" tool.  My question is: are there checkers/correctors who need to look over the subs before I post them to the site?  I think everything looks good, but looking at the Style Guide at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M3a-nv5aDu_0mEERydFK9kotVFlMRfHJzRyFY_iDBG0/edit I'm not sure I have the dialog hashes the way they need to be.

I can upload the subs to dropbox or somewhere if I need to, if someone is supposed to look them over first.  If they need to be encoded with a different charset, I can do them all over if I have to.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi and welcome here, @kidneyboy814.

You don't need the team's approval to upload subs (new versions and non-Team Only shows) but if it makes you feel more secure I could have a look.

Send them to me via PM here if you want to.

UTF-8 encoding is the right one, and you did all the other steps necessary.

Dialogue dashes need te be added when two characters speak in a same sequence only:

No dashes for a single line.

Of course the sync would also need to be accurate.


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Thanks for your reply, kinglouisxx.  I'm going back over them right now for the dialog dashes.  Not too many instances so far, but a few.  As far as syncing, I'm using the timing taken from the closed captioning; as far as I can tell, it looks right on. 


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