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Hee guys.

I just want to introduce myself. I already love this forum and I just registred.
It has all my intrest and I hope I can meet some nice people to chat to about all
the same intrests.

I, Myself, am from Holland ( BOO!), but I prefer any english speaking country :P
My Name is Janneke and I'm 17 years old. Music is my life. I don't want to
live a day without any kind of music. I play the guitar and the drums. I also write
Lyrics, but not sure if they any good haha :P. Also addicted to Tv- shows. Well not
ALL ofc, but a lot :D

Anyways Nice to meet you all.

Hope to talk to ya later.

- Janneke

I want to hide in disguise
I want to be invisible for nobody’s eyes to see
I am just too afraid , I’m too scared
to open up my heart to you

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Hello, Janneke.

Welcome to Sub-Talk.

Kick off your shoes and relax.
Any problems, just shout - there're lots of nice people here who are only to pleased to help.



(Hmm... I always reckoned that Holland was one of the places where the best English was to be heard - albeit a little a la Peter Lorre.)

Important links: Forum Help.


Never look before you leap, it'll spoil the surprise.

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Hello Janneke and Welcome to the sub-talk.net world.
I liked how you did with "three" words to create an image of you.

But, I belive that you would have to use maybe one or two more words, because, after what it was told by you:

I, Myself, am from Holland ( BOO!), but I prefer any english speaking country
I'm from Holland (Sadly). Not the biggest fan of the dutch even ...
I was left with something that I don't understand: somehow you are sorry because you are Dutch, or you are sorry because Holland is your country?

From my point of view, somehow, but only somehow I could understand one of this, but I'm not agree with any sorrow regarding any country from this world, country where we was born, or where we grown, or where we learnt, or where we was fall in love for the first time, or who knows what something else we made or will make.

I apologise to you, I don't want to get me wrong, I don't want to give you any advice against your beliefs, but, as someone said, long time ago, There is no place like home !



The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!





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