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Hi From France (Yes, Another One!)


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Hi everybody!

I'm 19 and I live in France, near the city of Lyon.
I'm currently studying in computer sciences and electronics in order to be an Engineer.

I've been doing subtitles for about 5 years nows, mainly for US TV shows (Aliens in America, Chuck, Family Guy, Fringe, The Cleveland Show, The Mentalist...) but also for one UK TV show (Mrs. In-Betweeny, which was actually just a Preair, the entire show never aired), one movie (The Lionshare, I recently finished the subtitles), and I also did Barack Obama's Victory Speech and John McCain Speech subtitles. All of that of course, in French, and with the help of many people!

I'm currently running a team doing subtitle for Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and Weeds, named the Giggity Team.
By the way, I created a website for our team which is www.giggityteam.fr.
I've also created a personal website about 6 years ago at www.benji1000.net.

I already know some people since I already had an account on the first version of Sub-Talk. When the design was changed to look like Facebook, I didn't recreate my account, by laziness and because I really don't like Facebook (yes, that kind of satanic people exist!). Now the forum is neat, so thanks Alex or whoever did this ;)


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Welcome back, benji. If you plan on uploading your subs on Addic7ed and you want me to add your team site as friends, send me a logo, 150x50px and I'll do it :)



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Here is the banner.

You can add it for ours subs that I will upload very soon: Family Guy S08 (I'm currently correcting every subtitles), The Cleveland Show S01 (maybe it will come later in August/September, I haven't started to correct them) and Weeds S06 (starting half-August).

BTW, thanks a lot for you work on Addic7ed, with alex. The website is very useful and I always go there to find some transcripts!

post-2265-091009900 1280260721_thumb.png


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