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Enable HTTPS in the forum


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Hi sub-talk community and staff,

I'd like to suggest the full activation of HTTPS certification. When we use websites that don't have HTTPS we are exposed to prying eyes such as our ISP, governments and even potential attackers capable of meddling with the information displayed when visiting the site. They could hijack the subtitle files and include malicious software, exploiting flaws within our systems.

Enabling HTTPS is a big step towards the security of a website and its users. It makes sure the connection between each end is what is supposed to be and there's no third parties getting in.

Fortunately, enabling HTTPS is 100% free thanks to groups like a Let's Encrypt and Certbot by the EFF - Electronic Frontier Foundation. I'll leave few links below for further information.



I'll highly appreciate if I receive an answer soon from the person in charge of the site and the community as a whole.



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Done :)

Sorry for the late implementation. We were running on a problematic infrastructure. Changed servers so here we are, https in on :) 

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Changing the world. One subtitle at a time.

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