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I'm a new uploader @Addic7ed, and I'm having a problem with my srt files being mostly eaten when they are being uploaded.  Is there something I am doing wrong?

See the avi English version @ the below link:


I'm doing the same thing I did for my DVDrip upload, so not sure what is happening.


I've attached one of the original filles and the truncated one from Addic7ed.

Can anyone help?

Harvey Birdman_ Attorney At Law - 01x03 - Shaggy Busted.DVDrip.English.orig.Addic7ed.com.srt

Harvey Birdman - S1E03 - Shaggy Busted.DVDrip.English.srt

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Hi, are you using Mac?

​No, I am using Windows.  These subs were ripped from DVD VOB files with Subrip.  I used Subrip to fix the syncing on most of them for an avi version of the episodes, and Subtitle Workshop for a few of them.

I opened a few in Notepad and saved them as UTF-8, and am still having problems.  Not sure why that one DVDrip uploaded fine (I didn't go back and save that as UTF-8), but the rest of them are messed up.

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Apparently I'm going to have to go back and save all these subs in Subtitle Edit as UTF-8 as DrJackson mentioned in this comment:  http://www.sub-talk.net/topic/1038-how-to-upload-subtitles-in-addic7ed/?do=findComment&comment=19823

That seems to work.  I didn't like ripping the subtitles with Subtitle Edit, though, because it occasionally smashed together words.  Will have to see if there is some setting I need to tick in Subrip for the S3 and S4 subs I am going to do.

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