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Hello is this thing on?


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What's up everyone!

In fact, I am addicted to subtitles. I refuse to watch anything without them. If there's not a sub for whatever release I'm on, I'll grab whatever's available, re-sync, correct, or remove HI, and on rare occasion, upload them to another site under a different moniker, always giving credit to original uploaders.

I've never ripped subs from web or broadcast, and I've only once transcribed by ear an entire feature film when only the screener was available. It came out perfect, but it took me like eight hours to transcribe because it was a Scandinavian film spoken in very heavy accented English, and I'm American. VisualSubSync is my jam because I like the audio waveform time line for getting those perfect syncs. For the most part, my re-syncs are done for my own viewing requirement, but since I've gotten so many originals from addic7ed, I thought it made the most sense to join up over here and extend my gratitude to those who do this good work.

I wish I could say that I could commit 100% to volunteering for regular re-syncs, but since my viewing is strictly via ****, I don't always get them on time. That, and I absolutely refuse to use Facebook. I can't believe you guys use it to coordinate! Why!?! There are dozens of better and more secure methods of group chat and private messaging. Hell, I'd rather message via encrypted email and chat over on IRC. But, whatever floats your boats, folks.

So, thanks again guys for all the great work everyone's put in over here, and I hope that in some way, somehow, I might be able to contribute and give back in whatever way I can. I'll try to make a small money donation sometime soon, and if the need for graphics arises, I can donate something like that since I've done it professionally for 20+ years. I'll also try to keep my eyes out for any special requests here on the forum that I might be able to lend a hand with.

Best wishes to all!

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