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New Shows, Some Promising, Some Well Just New...


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Hi there,

I started my day's TV Shows marathon with some new shows, out of curiosity.
I tried "Chase", "The Event", "Boardwalk Empire" and "Nikita"
I'd say it's generally good. "The Event" is quite promising even if it looks like a Flash Forward retry.
Boardwalk Empire will undoubtfully be brillant, seeing as M. Scorcese's behind it.
Anyone know of new shows worthy of a tryout ?

Addic7ed RUUUUULES !
check my band : Thou, Ill Mace Horn ! and tell me what you think.

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Lately I've hadn't had the time to watch all my episodes but I will give a try to The Event, Undercovers and maybe Not An Ordinary Family. I still haven't watched The Event pilot though.



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Boardwalk Empire is simply brill. HBO knows a good show when they see one, it's already been renewed a second season. Gonna follow thru with The Event, Undercovers, No Ordinary Family. I love Lonestar, the pilot is so beautifully shot and well put together with the soundtrack. Unfortunately, I know this show is gonna get canceled pretty soon. :(

Had given up on Nikita after two episodes. It's simply awful, the acting is weak, direction is mediocre, all posturing and no substance, it ends up being really boring.

Hawaii 5-0 is so so. Try very hard to be hip, overall watchable, not reinventing the wheel or anything.

Chase is pretty laughable. The dialogue is so cliche. They gonna "chase" a criminal every week. The pilot has the leads say this line (with a Texan accent) "We got him. Yeah, we got him good." Apparently this line is SO awesome, they have to say it twice in one episode. Once at the opening sequence, once near the end. I can just imagine they say this line in every episode after they catch a guy like a catch phrase. :lol:

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Watched the pilot of boardwalk empire and i have to agree it is brilliant unfortunately we must wait a week to get the next doze. The event has promise have to wait and see. Tried shit my dad says and i think they're trying too hard, maybe they'll become better.
Just came to me that if Hawaii 5-0 doesn't work that would be the 3rd show Alex O'Loughlin has been in that has tanked. lol poor chap

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I think there haven't been that many great new shows in 5 years. A great season this is gonna be!

Here's what I have checked out so far. You will note that I like all of those series - more or less... That's because I tend to check out the most promising new shows first! :)

The Event - lived up to the promise of the pilot. Will keep watching it.

Shit my dad says - Keeps getting better, definitely good for a nice laugh once a week.

Terriers - AWESOME! Best show in quite a while. Everything about this show is sooo loveable. Produced by Shawn Ryan (The Shield) you know you'll get something different you can't go wrong with! Watch this!!!!!!! And tell your friends.

Call me Fitz - I've watched one episode only so far, but it looks promising. Just like a lot of Canadian shows, this is a bit different - cool! Starring Jason Priestley btw!

Raising Hope - the new series by Greg Garcia, creator of My Name is Earl. The basic idea is similiar: a simple kinda guy is faced with a huge task resulting in a very positive message. Quite funny and entertaining, not as great as Earl, but well worth watching for a dose of good vibes and fun per week. I'm sure this will get even better along the run.

Series I've yet to check out:
The Defenders
Blue Bloods
Detroit 1-8-7
Mike and Molly
Boardwalk Empire (think I'd rather watch the whole season in a row...)

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mmh... i dont agree Boardwalk Empire is that great, i mean it looks like a mix of the Sopranos & something else i forgot about already, imho pace is too slow & it doesnt really focus on the subplots i'd like to see developped, no offense but it's too girly even if some political arcans are well depicted, dont get me wrong, i still watch it every week, but with the finger on the fast forward button...

No ordinary family is so "ABC family", i would hav liked it in my teen years, no doubt, but it's taking so long to start & build up... (also the lead male actor is so not fit to b the husband of uberpretty girl from Dexter... it just ruins it for me).

First season of Terriers was a great surprise, what a comeback for the lead actor , whom i remember from that fun ol' "irish family" show from yeaaars ago :P... it had its lows but overall a vgood serie.

The Event bore me out of my mind for the first few episodes, i think it's only beginnin' to bcome a bit interesting (the female lead acts like shyte imho), altho i'd watch the new V over it anytime.

otherwise i agree with ur opinions about sh!t dad says (funny parts with a bit of overdoing), Mike & Molly is fun 2 watch but relatively disappointing for a Chuck Lorre prod (the guy that does The big bang theory & 2&1/2men), i guess i'm just not in the targeted demographic, but tbbt was also slow to start bein funny... Raising hope was a good surprise, it got this My name is earl vibe, so it cant really suk.

Oh i didnt quite like Call me Fitz, can't really say why, maybe not deep enugh for a show that aimed to b a "psychanalytic comedy"... too much "under the belt" like we say in France, also the rightful alter ego isnt credible i think...

Oh, on the other hand i found myself really enjoying Nikita, another McG prod (Supernatural, Chuck), i watched the old series long ago, & the new one i must say is just .. right on, even the casting seems to hav "reincarnated" ppl from the old serie :P

Also Lost girl was a pleasant surprise, i was afraid of a clone-hybrid of Buffy+Tru blood, but the serie easily brought its own personality, fresh comedy mixed with a boldness & wit (just look @ the episodes titles) i rarely saw in an american tv serie .

Outsourced too is quite refreshing, not a masterpiece, but the indians actors r real funny, if they dont fall into too much clichés i can see a big potential for this.

Overall i'd say a lot of the new series are slow to build up, which is a big handicap, but compared to other years we got some diversity at least (altho still too many cops & trials shows i wont even check out seen how sick of it i am)...

Holy freak, i just learnt Terriers was being cancelled by FX :/ pff ... MORONS.

What about The walking dead ? a zombi tv serie ? lol... seriously i like it, ok it's full of clichés but i'm a sucker for "survivals" & so far almost every episode was really action packed, i'm gonna follow it for now.

The Good Guys was a good surprise , too bad it got cancelled too :/ was the only cop show i enjoyed :/

The british scene wasnt that innovative this year, altho i noticed "the increasingly poor decisions of todd margaret", funny anti-hero comedy worth a watch.

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