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Raw CC's: Friday Night Dinner


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Thanks for ep.3. I always have a problem with Kettle subs so you have probably described the reason.

They don't play in MPC BE or MPC HC, for me anyway. I can usually get them to play in VLC.

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Subtitles don't show up because the duration for every line is 0.000. KETTLE and MeGusta releases have the same issue. I multiplexed the corrected subs using MKVToolNix and the resulting file plays subtitles perfectly in VLC.


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Thank you. I use Subtitle Edit to make use of my limited abilities, usually just to remove HI. Is that able to fix the duration problem as well?

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S06E04 > Subs had all lines with null (0:00) duration and had multiple lines with the same text. Removed colored font, fixed the issues to the best of my abilities and synced. I hope this works for you...


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