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Save me UK Season 2 (Save Me Too)


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  • chamallow locked this topic

Hi chamallow,

following thread closed with response that 
Save me UK Season 2 (Save me too) English subtitle already exist.

May we please find out from where? If you may provide us with link or further help?

Thank you for cooperation in this matter,

Many thanks

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  • BorisVictor locked this topic

I did see somewhere a request for these subtitles and the thread was closed as it was said that they were already available but as far as a can see the ones available are for Season 1.

If I am too quick for Season 2 please excuse.

I have had great difficulty signing in to the Forum as a password reset request was supposed to be sent but never arrived and two previous emails I used stated already used when it was myself that was trying to sign in. 

Anyway I would appreciate any help you can give

Les P



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Hi, @henryp

No one said that subtitles were available, but that a topic requesting subs for that show already existed.

Hence the "do a search before requesting".

One topic is enough, we don't need multiple ones for the same request.

It's annoying at best, confusing for users at worst.

And yours is already the 4th topic on the matter.

So now topics will be merged.

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