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The Netherlands here


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Hi everybody, I am from the Netherlands and have worked in subtitling for 20 years now. I generally translate for television, from English, German and Italian, and always into Dutch. (With the help of interpreters I have also done Chinese, Swahili and wh****ot...). Part of it is shows such as Dr. Phil, reality shows etcetera, and part is news, sports and current affairs, which is why I often work evening shifts (I am an employee, not a freelancer). 

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Oh, really? Well, as a maker of subtitles it is a bit odd to download them first, I agree... but for translating we normally get transcripts (sometimes in the shape of subtitels for the hard of hearing) but sometimes they're missing, and it just works so much quicker and easier when you're not first trying to make out what exactly they're mumbling... of course I still have to check the transcript is correct, sometimes it's abysmal and sometimes it's great.

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A lot of fan-subbers using the same work-flow and sometimes they works on audio as well. I was in the impression professionals received at least the script or raw subs. Spotting is not difficult, making a subtitle on audio can be very hard sometimes!

I find it a little odd, apparently you  found / received the other episodes, so why doesn't ITV provide them?


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