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Stargate Universe - A Failed Promises


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Stargate: Universe is a series that draws on established mythology yet blazes a bold, new path for the franchise. It’s definitely more character-centered and intimate in its exploration of the interpersonal dynamics that will drive a lot of the shipboard developments (and, no, I’m not talking about romance).
(Josepf Mallozzi's WebBlog)
Stargate Universe will be different for what it was Stargate before.

Well, let's see.

As they said, SGU follows a group of soldiers, scientists and civilians forced to fend for survival after the attack that destroyed theirs (planetary) base.

But, BSG follows the story of the atomic attack survivors, attack from a mechanical civilization known as the Cylons, attack directed against the 12 colony worlds.
The 50,000 survivors are forced to hastily embark on any spaceship has left at theirs disposal.
Pursued by Cylons in their attempt to destroy any shred of human life, the survivors set off on a journey across the galaxy, trying to find the Earth.

So, what we have?

Stargate Universe?
A Stargate more dark and edgy?
Well, I guess it's dark because the moviestages are not well lit in the idea to copy as much on BSG.

SGU borrow a lot from BSG.

Rush is one example.
Dr. Rush have his incomprehensible genius problems, but he is closer to Gaius Baltar in his moral ambiguity.
Rush is the one who has condemned his fellow to the ingrate fate of being to a ship, but unlike Gaius, he seems to have no regrets over that.
Just look at him. He is walking through the ship with the equivalent on his face of an intellectual erection.
For Rush is the supreme dream. A dream that justify anything. And everything. No matter how, why or when.


Almoust same things (but different reasons) for Baltar and his (Red)Caprica. :)
For ...hmmm.... something, he doesn't hesitated to sacrifice all humanity (well, all at that time)


More examples:

Gaius Baltar Vs. Nicholas Rush?
(Erotic fantasy vs. scientific orgasms?)

People chased by Cylons vs poor men chased by blue aliens?
(First was BSG episode-33 minutes, isn't so?)



Dark here and Dark there?

BSG Justice vs SGU Justice?

Tellford placed under investigation vs Caprica 6 placed under investigation?

FlashbacksBSG vs Flashbacks SGU?

Do you want many more?

I've cursed BSG producers watching it until I had no air in my lungs, but finaly, I like what I saw, it was Original and well maked.

I was sorry when it ended SG-1 (although it was foreseeable that this will happen once and time).
I was not so very pleased about SGA because they did not know to profit from the A's, but finding that SGA ended (as it ended!) because of SGU release, I've forgive all, I've thought that they kept what's good for this series.

But, surprise: from the first episode, I saw SGU but I think at BSG.

Well, where it is that something else that they promised us?




The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!





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