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Hi There, I`m Not Really New..


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Hey, my name is ho3ll3nbraut, and I´m from Germany.
I´m not really new, I`m regged addic7ed since august 2009^^
I started translating o-subs in german first time, because the german
sources are acting too slow.. oops, that sounds aggressive^^-, *gg* but it`s the truth.

Most german sites agitate with slogans like " quality subs for.." blabla, in the end these
"qualities" last more than a week after pre, are not much even better,and that doesn`t seem
right for me, because real series-addicts can`t wait so long,
until they can watch their series with subs in their lang... ;)

But what pissed me the most.. when I´m translating, I´m fast, because I enjoy it. I enjoy it,
because I´m not working in a team (team, mostly 2,3 or 4 persons, who translate only a part of the sub,
and after finishing, another person has to read it in correction...) I translate, when I`m in he
mood for, and when I´m in the mood, I´m fast.

I´m not the type person, who needs 1 oder 2 weeks for translating 30% for a
single subtext, and I have not the passion to wait `til the rest of the team is ready.. I know, how
much people can`t wait, `til the subs in german are ready, and they can watch and understand it.

So wtf? Why not "live and let die"? I hate statements ( not here) like "bad translation" and worse(from the translators,
who are in default, `cause it`s not true, and that`s, why I´m feeling not able
in the moment, to continue my translationsfrom "lost girl" and " no ordinary family"^^

I hate arrogance..and I hate arrogance, that`s killing me, or especially my work.

So, let`s all "live and let die" and say "hi" and "thanks" for work, which noone pays
and all people do in recreation, to make other people a little bit happier^^

Anyway,I like addic7ed, and I like subtalk.net, and I´m enjoying both, though
I wish more community in this forum to share our addiction really worldwide, no matter in which lang;)

Omfg, that`s typically me, a lot words to say finally "hi" to the community *gg*

Ähm, hi^^

Love, ho3lly

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Noooo, don't quit just because of that. I am sure there were so many people appreciating your fast work. People will always have something to complain about in others' work, especially when they're in the same business. And I agree that time is important too. I prefer quality, but only when the difference between the two versions are a couple of hours at most. So don't listen to anybody telling you to stop. Do what you like as long as you like it.

Thanks, Holli.



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