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Let me introduce myself


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HI! I'm Ana, from Medellín, Colombia, therefore, Spanish is my native language, but I speak English since I was a teenager -damn, that was a long time ago-

I'm a writer, but I also do subtitles, translations, transcriptions, text editing, proofreading. I would love to be a part of the community, but I have no idea where to start. -palmface-

My website is www.lachicajugandoconletras.com

Nice to meet everybody, see you around :)

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Welcome, @lachicajugandoconletras!

First things first, you should have a look at our FAQ to get started. You'll probably learn some useful things in there.



Depending on what you're expecting from your membership here, you can also apply to become a syncer/corrector (not translator) in the following topic:

But being a Team Member is not mendatory to help out the community. Resyncs for other video versions are always welcome for example.

If you're really not into syncing, you can also translate online, upload your own translations if you did them offline, edit any mistakes you'd come accross while watching an episode, etc...

As you can see, there's many ways to help the community. So, hopefully, you'll find your hobbyhorse :)



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