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    • Requesting English subs for Louis Theroux - Mothers on the Edge
      By seenitall86 · Posted
      Hi, Does anyone have access to English subs for Louis Theroux's recent BBC special, "Mothers on the Edge"? It aired a little over a week ago. Thanks in advance, it would be much appreciated.
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      The Wife - 2018 – 6/10 The peerless author, acclaimed, lauded, is to receive the Nobel Prize for literature.
      Accompanying him is his son, struggling in the giant’s shadow, and his support and anchor.  The wife.
      Oh, and on the trip is another writer / reporter, wanting to a biography, after “clarifying” a few questions.
      Acting is excellent throughout.  Sympathized with characters, rooted others on, hated one.
      For all that – – Within ten minutes, I turned and asked,  “Are you familiar with this storyline?”
      “No, I didn’t read much about it.”
      “Well, do you think this is about THE BIG TWIST ENDING?”
      “Yeah, that how it feels to me.”
      Sure enough, the script telegraphed the ending early on.  So, the whole time, I am beginning to hate every single spineless character, not to overlook the producers who have dumbed down the film to make it easy for viewers to follow.
      Final ten minutes – THE BIG TWIST ENDING – my mental jukebox spins Peggy Lee, “Is That All There Is?”
    • Allow UTF-8 only.
      By KaKi87 · Posted
      Hello, Any news on this ? It would be cool if Addic7ed's staff could take a look at this topic and consider my suggestion. Thanks !
    • Enable HTTPS in the forum
      By KaKi87 · Posted
      I agree with you, this is absolutely necessary. Thanks
    • addic7ed activation email never arrived.
      By dirk41 · Posted
      I also never received a confirmation email user= dirk41
    • == Café Addic7ed ==
      By Apocalypse25 · Posted
      J'avais bien aimé l'univers du film, je vais regarder ça avec intérêt.
    • Wisting
      By jomag · Posted
      Still waiting for episodes 7 thru 10, and their videos
    • Gidseltagningen s02 (Below the Surface)
      By dirk41 · Posted
      Anyone have any English subtitles for season 2 of this one
    • Ingen Utan Skuld
      By jomag · Posted
      All subs now on
    • Hidden Förstfödd
      By dirk41 · Posted
      Anybody have English subs for this one?
    • Ingen Utan Skuld
      By dirk41 · Posted
      Tried using the English subs with AVARTTNING In title from subtalk but they didn't work  
    • warning
      By tololimi · Posted
        ​ Hi, Yes I do  1 search equals 1 redirection  And  I do many on 1 day !