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    • English Subs for Danish series "Bedrag" aka "Follow The Money" S3
      By jomag · Posted
      Sorry I have been a bit busy, I assure you I am legit, and I also have had paypal phising nuisances. I have all 10 subs for Begrag 3 and will email them to you today if you will give me your email address. Sorry for all the problems, but.....
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Malevolent - 2018 - 6/10 Sister-brother, Angela and Jackson, rescue owners of troubled homes.
      Houses ghosted by unhappy spirits, restless souls.
      They cleanse dwellings ... for a price.  They are also complete frauds.
      The latest client lives in Scotland’s hinterlands, the building is an old school, not derelict, but neglected.
      And - there is definitely something wrong with the place.
      Good thriller - not necessarily horror - with dark twists throughout, and shady lead characters.
    • Engrenages 7
      By jomag · Posted
      Subtitle cat is website and I find it useful...
    • Dragon Ball GT English dubtitles
      By Englishsubtitles · Posted
      I've been told that HULU offers closed captions for the English dubtitles of Dragon Ball GT. Thanks in advance.
    • Deleted shows
      By menoyos · Posted
      Subtítulos para The Walking Dead - 09x14 - Scars , para distintas versiones, HDTV (SVA) y 720p HDTV (AVS) , iNTERNAL 720p WEB (BAMBOOZLE) y SD 1/ 080p WEBRip (TBS), WEBRip (ION10) ~ iNTERNAL 720p / iNTERNAL 1080p WEB (AMRAP) y 720p / 1080p AMZN WEBRip / WEB-DL (CasStudio) . En Español de España y Español Latino. The Walking Dead 9x14 Scars.rar
    • Documentary
      By bird · Posted
      Hello everybody, I wondered if someone had subtitles (any kind) for the documentary "The Woman who loves Giraffes" (2018). It would be appreciated. Have a great day! bird.
    • Engrenages 7
      By oakley8377 · Posted
      Thanks. Been there and got the ‘wtf’ t shirt on them. Shall wait. 
    • REQ: Continue BBC "Warren"
      By chamallow · Posted
      But how could we know? You can try to contact the users directly, you'd have more chance to get an answer since they probably don't use the forum.
    • REQ: Continue BBC "Warren"
      By MangJD · Posted
      ​Good. Because that's not what I asked. I asked if the series was lost in the shuffle of undertakings, overlooked by those who began it, with the hope that those who completed the first two episodes might say, "Ah! I forgot about that!"
    • Need English Subtitles of this movie: Du & Jag (2006)
      By evsib · Posted
      Hi there! 

      I've looked like crazy for this movie's subs and don't find them anywhere! It would be amazing if someone knew where to find them! Thanks a million!
      It's a swedish movie from 2006, really hard to find it as well...
    • Engrenages 7
      By LK · Posted
      Hi, I wasn't able to find S07E07 anywhere. The one uploaded on opensubtitles site is in French, though it's supposed to be in English. If anyone could share any version of episode 7 English subs, I would be very grateful. Thanks.  
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Une Historie Simple - 1978 - 7/10
      AKA - A Simple Story Marie, above, caught at the moment when she dumps her going-nowhere boyfriend.
      French drama of relationships, primarily female relationships.
      Most of the women work in the same company, which has recently merged with another.
      Workers face redundancies, management tries to gloss unpleasantness.
      The females are more like sisters, venting on each other, or lending support, emotional or physical.
      Males are not caricatures, though they are secondary.  This is very much a chick bonding film.
      Very good vehicle, by the way, to catch Romy Schneider.