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Request Movie Subtitle - Soulless


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Hello everybody! I'm new, from Chile, my name is Lesli 
I will like to ask if somebody can translate a subtitles from russian to english, are from a movie that i want to see,but the only subs that i find come in russian, serbian and Polish,and my mother language it spanish but i can understand, read and speak english so i will be very very thankful if someone can do this for me. Thanks! Xo
Oh! I completely forgot, the movie is Soulless
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Hi people!  :D


I would like to know if someone, who's kind enough, could create the english subtitles or french for the movie Saphirblau? That would be awesomely kind and generous of you! 


Thank you so much, in advance! 




Ps: I already checked a lot of subtitles bases and **** sites...  :(

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