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    • Westside (NZ TV Show) Subtitles Please
      By Marmosin · Posted
      Hello Lebs Here it is! Westside S04E06 .srt
    • Westside (NZ TV Show) Subtitles Please
      By Lebs · Posted
      Any chance you have Episode 6,  Marmosin? Thanks!
    • Cuckoo S04e01
      By Lebs · Posted
      Thank you chamallow!!
    • Cuckoo S04e01
      By chamallow · Posted
    • Elementary
      By BorisVictor · Posted
    • Freedom Fighters : The Ray
      By kinglouisxx · Posted
      Don't lose hope, I haven't forgotten you. I'm just pretty busy these days. Hopefully I'll get it done this week.
    • Disney The Lodge
      By kinglouisxx · Posted
      ​Nope, sorry.
    • Fake or Fortune? BBC
      By reeser · Posted
      Started series 7 on Sun 12 August 2018 on BBC1. Would greatly appreciate subs.
    • Subtitles for British TV Show "Sick Note"
      By PCKid · Posted
      s01e01 is there but that's it at this stage.
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Oculus - 2013 - 6/10 Junior gets released from psychiatric ward after years of "observation."
      Seems he whacked ole Pa - after - Pa went nutzo and starved and murdered Ma, then tried to kill the kids.
      Both children survived, by the way, and the adult sister greets her brother in the parking lot.
      He wants to heal, she wants revenge.
      See, she thinks it was the ornate mirror that was responsible.
      Or there was malevolence within.
      So she tracks down that looking glass and hangs it in her house!
      Film swings back and forth between timelines, and shows the gradual disorientation and disintegration of our modern warriors.
      Oft used horror premise is obvious, and predictable.
      Solid advice - when faced with supernatural evil, flee!
    • sous-titres Yellowstone
      By farrahpahree · Posted
      Ah très bien. Je ne viens jamais sur ce forum donc je ne sais pas trop comment ça marche, mais merci pour l'info.
    • Random Acts of Flyness (HBO)
      By lewisdelmark · Posted
      Hi, could anyone upload the subs of Random Acts of Flyness? It's a new (and great) HBO' show from filmmaker Terence Nance. The first episode is available on HBO's youtube channel with english subs but i guess the others one are only on HBOGO and Amazon (and only in the USA, i guess).