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    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Love, Cecil - 2017 – 8/10 Superb documentary of modern Renaissance artist, Cecil Beaton.
      Photographer, painter, writer, designer, confidant – ha, less so with the latter.
      He hit his stride with the Bright Young Things and Guinness Girls.
      Meaning, landed gentry, the titled, faded nobility, the rich and famous of his youth.
      Then he found work with actual royalty, the Windsor line.
      Not bad for the aspirational class.
      There is an undercurrent to Beaton, however, a palpable seething resentment and envy.
      That barbed, keen edge lends bite to a not so feel good life.
      The narration also supplies a sly wisdom to prospective artists and artistes.
    • == Café Addic7ed ==
      By · Posted
      sinds wanneer is dit een Franse site?
    • Rémi sans famille (France 2018)
      By sunblues · Posted
      Hi Looking for subtitles for Rémi sans famille, preferably English but French or any other language would be appreciated. Thanks!
    • Ghosts (2019)
      By bartekf84 · Posted
      Thank you!
    • Ghosts (2019)
      By BorisVictor · Posted
    • Bosch, Season 5, English subtitles
      By chamallow · Posted
      Thanks. Our corrected subs will be uploaded in the coming days.
    • BBC Earth from Space
      By MVGroup · Posted
    • Ghosts - BBC
      By emeline-whovian · Posted
      @Tesla71 Please post in the Request forum, not Suggestions, thank you. (And I believe this is not the first time) If you had, you would have seen that someone already requested it and the request had been filled.
    • Ghosts (2019)
      By annemarie64 · Posted
      Thanks Marmosin!
    • Bosch, Season 5, English subtitles
      By annemarie64 · Posted
      Thanks a lot! Work with ION10.  
    • Bosch, Season 5, English subtitles
      By RoySacher · Posted
      Hi there, since I've found out that there are only german subs implemented in the rmteam-version of Bosch S05, I decided to post the english versions here. Works with all web- and webrip-versions. Hope you'll enjoy. Cheers! Roy Bosch Season 5.rar
    • Ghosts - BBC
      By Tesla71 · Posted
      Hello! I would like to request the subs for the BBC Tv show GHOSTS. Help! Thanks