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    • Everything's Gonna Be Okay s01e03
      By ZZinger69 · Posted
      Can we please get the subs for Everythings Gonna Be Okay s01e03, preferably the XLF version? TYVM.  
    • Série française "L'effondrement" (Canal+ 2019)
      By don-avarice · Posted
      ​Salut ! Finalement j'ai été beaucoup trop occupé pour faire quoi que ce soit...
      Et surtout, les créateurs de la série ont commencé à mettre les épisodes en lignes sur leur chaîne YouTube, avec des sous-titres anglais !
      Ma motivation en a pris un coup Je te recommande donc de garder un oeil sur cette chaîne YouTube , où tous les épisodes devront être disponibles à terme (il y en a déjà 3 sur 8).
      Enjoy !
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Agatha Christie And The Truth Of Murder - 2018 - 6/10 I wonder if this will be an ongoing holiday series?  Like the iffy ghost stories?
      Agatha Christie famously disappeared for eleven days in 1926.
      In this mystery, she responds to a plea to solve a murder.
      Set in a country manor, Christie lures suspects with the ruse of an inheritance.
      Nicely photographed, with recognizable faces in the cast.
      Decent story, and certainly miles ahead of any Hallmark mystery (of which I get to view plenty).
    • Série française "L'effondrement" (Canal+ 2019)
      By ZimiZones · Posted
      Y'a-t-il des nouvelles sur l'avancement ?? Je suis très intéressé pour ces sous-titres
    • Coloured Subs
      By ezeetrucker · Posted

      Thanks BorisVictor, works with everything except my TV. Guess it's time to buy a new one.
    • Witchblade
      By EewoxKid · Posted
      Hi. Does anyone have the ENGLISH subs for the following episodes of Witchblade , please? Thank you. Witchblade - S02E08 - Hierophant - DVDRip 960x540 DD2 0 Witchblade - S02E09 - Veritas - DVDRip 960x540 DD2 0 Witchblade - S02E10 - Parabolic - DVDRip 960x540 DD2 0 Witchblade - S02E11 - Palindrome - DVDRip 960x540 DD2 0 Witchblade - S02E12 - Ubique - DVDRip 960x540 DD2 0
    • Coloured Subs
      By BorisVictor · Posted
      I have send an email to your gmail account.
    • Coloured Subs
      By ezeetrucker · Posted
      This is an example and thanks for your time
    • Agatha Raisin S03E01
      By Sail · Posted
      Many thanks 7kozlov  I no longer hoped.
    • Coloured Subs
      By BorisVictor · Posted
      Can you send an example of your adjusted coloured version?
    • Coloured Subs
      By ezeetrucker · Posted

      Thanks BorisVictor I guess it could be the tv, I'll try them on another set, although coloured versions of srt's play ok, it's only when I change them myself.I get this problem.
    • Coloured Subs
      By BorisVictor · Posted
      Not all TV’s accept/support .srt files with colour tags.