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    • Hello!!!
      By BorisVictor · Posted
      Welcome, chulapa!
    • Intelligence - Sky Tv - UK - 2020
      By Tesla71 · Posted
      Hello! any news about the subs for this series? Thanks
    • Hello!!!
      By chulapa · Posted
      I'm from Spain. And very grateful to have been accepted!!!
    • Raw CC's: Mister Winner
      By chile-verde · Posted
      S01E03 > Removed colored font
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Under Siege - 1992 - 6/10 Guilty pleasure here, from the era of “action heroes” (which bloated into “super heroes”)
      Steven Seagal plays lowly Navy cook on battleship that falls under the control of mercenaries.
      Seagal, you guessed it, more than a mere cook, takes on the hijackers.
      Mindless film benefits from excellent villains, Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey.
      Even the second tier villains are great.
      Seagal, also, is not a one man show.  He receives assistance from supporting characters.
      Followed by an inferior sequel and a seemingly endless stream of chest-thumping duds for Seagal.
    • Raw CC's: Kate & Koji
      By chile-verde · Posted
    • Murder in the Bayou 2019 True Crime Series (5 Episodes)
      By BorisVictor · Posted
      Hello and welcome, amay2001 If you download the AMZN.WEB-NTb you can choose the built-in subtitles. Kind regards!  
    • Murder in the Bayou 2019 True Crime Series (5 Episodes)
      By amay2001 · Posted
      Hello People, Please help me out with English subtitles of "Murder in the Bayou 2019 True Crime Series (5 Episodes)" IMBD LINK :   Hope all members are Well & Good     Thanks & Regards Aman Ayub amay2001    
    • Mirage (2020) TV Mini Series
      By nzulu · Posted
      I am also interested in this thriller tv serie.. how possible no any subs?
    • Raw CC's: Alma's Not Normal
      By BorisVictor · Posted's_Not_Normal/1/1/Pilot
    • Mirage (2020) TV Mini Series
      By RoySacher · Posted

      I second that request, subs for this would be great! :-) Cheers, Roy
    • Recruitment! Syncers only, NOT translators!
      By Damagorn · Posted
      Hi  I'm interested, I'm an amateur writer training my english spelling and questions about grammar, I don't have much experience in subtliting but certainly I could learn and help on your team.