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Macbeth 2010 - Bbc Four - Tv Movie


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I didn't know if I should post this to TV section or, movies section.

If anybody can get subtitles for this tv-movie, I will be much obliged.


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I don't know either - film or TV programme?
So I tossed a coin...

See here:



Well, thank you very much, indeed! It syncs with the version I have (BiA, mkv, 4,693,103,281 bytes) up to the point


01:51:28,560 --> 01:51:31,080

This avarice sticks deeper.

Then it jumps to


03:00:00,000 --> 03:00:02,640

Yet do not fear.


I am not very good at using the subtitle software ( I use SEARS, if you have another suggestion, I would appreciate to hear it), but I believe I can fix it. I will submit a correction when I am done, unless someone beats me to it.


PS1: I think XVID version is also released by BiA, this might work with that one also.
PS2: Is there any video player that will show the playing file's time down to milliseconds?


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I haven't watched it yet, but I have it on my V+ box so I won't be using the sub file.

The subs I posted will be to match the broadcast (and the BBC iPlayer version) - as it was BBC, there will be no breaks so if the first and last lines match, it should be OK in the middle. (Unless there was an intermission? Different cappers will adjust for breaks to different times, +/- milliseconds, or even seconds.)

If there is an intermission/break, a possible fix would be to split the subtitle and sync the two parts separately (start and finish for each) and then join it up.

Subtitle Workshop will show times to milliseconds, of a video loaded into it.
(I regularly adjust accurate syncs to have a 2 or 3 millisecond lead - I prefer it.)


Important links: Forum Help.


Never look before you leap, it'll spoil the surprise.

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