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Peter Gunn 1958 - 1961 English Sub Request (French, Spanish and Dutch are welcome)


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I second Peter Gunn!

Great show. I can't find anything online.

I haven't started my own @25fps. So much to do, so little time.

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On 3/15/2023 at 10:42 AM, Severus Snape said:

Pete to his friends, Gunn to his enemies ❤️

Thank you very much! These are 25FPS! Slightly out of sync with my version. I just had to shift the waveform 3 times.

I Hastened the intro by 8+ Seconds, Commercial breaks one and two were mild corrections, delay by 1 second or so each time. I resynced Episode 1 in 10 minutes.

Awesome, thanks again. I can resync an episode or 2 each night, before I watch them.

The Srt. for E1 here is 26:10 at the last timestamp. Where as my episode is only 25:56 mins long. Resyncing couldn't be much easier!

In fact. I can use these subtitles, without editing them. I use "MediaPlayerLite" which has hotkeys and settings for hastening/delaying timestamps. I have it set to 5-6 on the keyboard. So I can just jump around with the press of two buttons. For the video to be insync.

Edited by ChuckBrown
Use without edit. MediaPlayerLite. Or other sub hastening/delaying software.
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I should mention I am using older versions of this series.

For the longest time, there was no season 3.

I am not using [I_C]... Except for S3... The only other version of S3 I can find has AVI and MP4. (It stalls)

I_C's version of S3 has 25 and 29.97 FPS episodes. Mostly TV rips, with more cuts... So they take longer to resync.

Shift from 29.97 to 25fps... Then moving though the waveform, looking for the places it goes out of sync.

A HUGE increase in simplicity, compared to scratch. Thanks again!

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Currently translating "The Man from Uncle" (1964-1968) in French: already done Seasons 1, 2 and 3, currently translating the last Season 4.

I am also going to translate these Peter Gunn (1958) subs in French: but it would be a waste of time to translate what has already been translated by one of you !

Can you tell me what are the episodes / season(s) that you have already translated, so I can start elsewhere ?

Thank you !

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