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We Make Antiques Kyoto Rendezvous 2020


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Hi all, for a change I'm desperately looking for subs for this movie. I do have the subs in chinese and japanese, but for some reason I cannot find a way to get the converted to an srt file, so I could machine translat them.  Any help woul be greatly appreciated!


best regards


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That's very kind of you! I've sort of given up, as all my software thingies don't work. I tried Google on one of them and the result was very... dadaistic? I'm not expecting miracles though, so don't put too much effort into it. I managed to get the general idea of the movie's story.

I'm having probs uploading the sup files... maybe they are too large. here goes another try.


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Thanks. I tried downloading a video that had English subs, and the result was mostly garbage. Lots of Chinese characters, lines tripled or more, it didn't make much sense.

I couldn't do anyting with your files either. Looks like they need OCR first (which I can't do, and you either for obvious reasons) 😕

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