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Download Subtitles By Script - Myfavorites Vs Following


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I wrote a batch script that automaticly downloads new subtitles for the shows I am following on Addic7ed.
Once every hour the script checks if www.addic7ed.com/rss.php?mode=favorite is upded, if so it greps the links to my new subs from www.addic7ed.com/myfavorites.php and downlads them.

But I got a little bit puzzled this morning, the webpage said "1 show(s) you follow are ready for download!" but there was no subtitle to download in myfavorites (not in page1 or page2).
I followed the "1 show(s) you follow are ready for download!"-link to www.addic7ed.com/following.php and found my subtitle.

I tried around a little bit with different shows to figure things out, heres a screendump if someone wonders what on earth I´m jabbering about...


In this case I guess No-HI is the reason why "Heart of Dixie" not is showing under Myfavorites.

So here is my question, whats the criteria (quality, HI, Non-HI etc) for a new subtitle in following to also show in myfavorites?

Thanks for a superb website, you are the best !!!!

Best regards

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