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Req: Game Change (Hbo) 2012


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You should try harder when looking, PacoSan... especially at the rules.
Please don't rush us. We're a bunch of egotistical schizo-paranoid peeps that for some reason think out comments matter, and when we post in the rules "In particular, do not request subtitles for shows or episodes that are less than three days old. " it actually means something. I mean, if you were a newbie, eager to watch that bomb I couid understand. but you joined us two years ago!
Actually, it is only I who is the ego-schizo-paranoid here. All other are great people. Just don't upset them.. deal?.

The chickens are revolting!

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Ha :) , you was the first who answer, but I'm totally agree with you.




The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!





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Sorry for having violated the rules.

I was not sure when the 3 days started. The movie had been screening for over a week before its official release date of Saturday night.

Again, sorry. Keep up your good work.

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