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Congratulations, Addic7ed.com


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For many months it has been my practice to maintain a bookmarks folder for each of the tv shows for which I regularly seek subtitles; each folder has links to the relevant pages of subtitle sites that have proved to be the most fruitful for particular shows.

One by one they have been deleted, leaving the first link to subtitleseeker.com, with Addic7ed.com as the second choice - especially because Addic7ed.com is often missing from the results of a subseeker crawl.

But now I have learned not to look anywhere but to "Addic7ed" as a first choice - if it's not on Addic7ed, it is unlikely to exist.

Congratulations, Addic7ed.com - and thank you for the sterling service!


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Never look before you leap, it'll spoil the surprise.

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You've got my greetings, too. This side do the bast that you can think... The subs come to us so quicly and they are so right that you can imagine. :)

Congratulations to you!

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