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Bug For Show Strike Back's Viewed Data


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Found a "bug" for the show Strike Back.

Using Shows link on top of addic7ed.com page, go to Strike Back (http://www.addic7ed.com/show/879). Pick any episode and click the title link (http://www.addic7ed....ance,_Episode_1). Mark the Viewed option. Click through to the Episode and air dates list (http://www.addic7ed....4/Strike%20Back). List contains no data, neither air dates, episodes or show data.

Going to the "My Views" list (http://www.addic7ed.com/myviews.php) there is no entry for the Strike Back show, but at the bottom of the list there is an entry called "**Unknown**" (http://www.addic7ed....29624/**Unknown**), this entry has the same number of Viewed as you've checked on the individual episode pages above.

Using the "Find more shows you've viewed" link on the bottom of the "My Views" list, find "Strike Back: Vengeance".(http://www.addic7ed....ck:%20Vengeance) This page contains all the data for the show but has no subtitles associated with it.

Also, the shows proper name is "Strike Back". "Vengeance" is just the name of the third season. Season one is called "Chris Ryan's Strike Back" and season two is "Project Dawn". (http://en.wikipedia....e_Back_episodes)

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