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Hi Fellows ! Erreip Is In Tha House !


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Hi guys !

Let me introduce myself, Pierre (Erreip) from France!

I'm a big fan of your work and because of that, I'm here to offer you my services.

French is my native language, I'm quite fluent in english (945/990 at the TOEIC if it speaks to someone) y tampoco, hablo espanol.

I love Californication but when I watch it subtitled in french, it quite hurts my eyes because of some big mistakes appearing on the screen.

I would love to check subtitles before they got incrusted in videos to offer the best "product" to the viewers!

I am available to do that every night so if you are interested, please contact me !

Hope to read you soon,

Pierre (Erreip54)

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Hi Pierre !

Welcome here ! :lol:

If you want to dig deeper into translating, check the french part of this forum.

Don't forget to read the french

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent subtitles to be hardcoded in streaming videos, you'll have to act fast. Check if you want to understand the reason.

As for contacting you, know that this is an open website, so anyone can help in anyway they want. There is no team or such here. But don't hesitate to post on the french forum for further inquiries.

Bien à toi.

Taytoy (moderator)

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