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Hello From France


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Hi everyone!


I'm Quiddity, or Quiddy for short. I'm 34 and live in a small town in the north east of France.


I love English : I love to speak, read, write English, and of course, I love watching tv shows (series).

I think series are now as good quality as features films but they last longer to tell longer, more elaborated stories.

I love good stories above all. :P


Because I love to share, I join the community to help :)

Unfortunately, I work a lot : I have three jobs that keep me busy irregularly so I won't be able to help all the time. I'll do my best to participate as much as possible.

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Hi Quiddity,


Come here anytime. if you'd like to put your shoulder to the wheel, know that any contribution is welcomed!


Don't hesitate to browse the french section of this forum and to read the in subtitling.


Cheers and have fun (at work also ^_^)

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