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"bonjour" From France !


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I'm sixteen, I live in France and I'm really into english (I've been studying it for 8 years and been to England a lot of times). I am also fond of TV shows, obviously (I wouldn't have create an account on this site if i didn't). The main TV shows I watch those months (mostly because I have time to lose) are : Pretty little liars, The lying game, Vampire diaries, Beauty and the beast, The Carrie diaries. I used to be a huge fan of Smallville (which I've been watching since I can barely talk) and I would say it's my favorite TV show so far (even though it's over now). I was also a big fan of Charmed, the Mentalist and Dr. Who (and Gossip girl, more recently) but it's over too (for Charmed).  Besides TV shows, I love going to the cinema or simply watch movies. My favorite movie has got to be Batman by Nolan but I couldn't really tell since I love like a thousand of movies.

Useless information : I love cats.

If I joined this "community", it's mainly in order to help in the translation of the TV shows I watch and also, to improve my english, a language I really love and find pretty (but I'm not saying French isn't pretty as well ;)). 


I don't know what else to say, si if you have any question : do ask !

Thanks for reading !

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