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Why Was My Sub Deleted?


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So I uploaded a sub for Under The Dome S01E04 for the DIMENSION release but it has been removed twice without a single reason given. First time I just thought I had done something wrong so it didn't upload properly so I tried again and made sure it worked. But now a few days later it's gone again.


Why is it not mandatory to send a PM upon deleting a sub? Kind of hard to learn what's wrong if u don't get a reason for the removal..

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I am sorry that nobody explained to you why the sub was deleted. It happened because my version of the sub (LOL) works with DIMENSION, so it was no need to have 2 identical subtitles. As a general rule, LOL always works with DIMENSION.



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Oh, ok I get it, thanks.

Just one problem, they are far from identical cause mine actually sync with DIMENSION ;)

Sure your version may work with DIMENSION, but mine works better. The sync in yours are far from good, thats why I made mine in the first place. Tried yours first but it didn't sync at all, sometimes or most of the time the sub is ahead with seconds and sometimes it's behind and the text is chopped up in tiny fragments as it is in the hearing disabled version.

And after reading the post "Looking for a syncer" that says you have to sync a show like this in 1,5 hours I understand why...


But I get it, it's a pissing contest as it is on all other subtitle sites. Don't worry, I won't piss on your turf anymore and keep my work for myself instead of sharing it.


Big up for the work you and the others do.

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