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Cheers Nikse, Your App Is Amazing!

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Yesterday I downloaded latest build of Subtitle Edit v3.3.7 and I am impressed by what Nikse has done. This application is by far superior to any other I've been using thus far.  Subrip and Subtitle Workshop included.  I'm particularly impressed with the OCR engine.  I had been watching the italian film, Me.and.You.2012.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-HDWinG and got tired of the subtitle format they included.  So I extracted the sup file with Mkvextractgui and loaded it into Subtitle Edit and literally watched it being recognized perfectly by the software. Just a few click to save names to the database and I was done!  No confusing I and L as often with Subrip and the spelling was also perfect.  If I get to rate this little gem I'll give it 10.


So thank you Nikse, We are lucky to have you here.

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not trolling the forum very often, that's why my 2 year response !!!! (sorry)

Of course, Subtitle Edit is a REALLY REALLY GREAT PIECE of software.
But first, you cannot compare Subrip & SE. Subrip works with matrix files DBs, and SE works with and GNU OCR algorithm/software.

And having/still using both a lot, what you said about SE recognizing all the caracters/lignes, without problem, with no confusing I & L, that not true. Maybe if your Vobsub (idx/sub) files comes from a 1080p HQ rip, there's no way you get the OCR right without manual correction.

And again, I have to say great piece of software.

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