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Hi everybody!


I'm Solenn from France. I am addicted to addic7ed because I am addicted to series :P


I mostly use the website to download subtitles of my favortie shows and time to time I participate to translation from English to French. I am currently waiting to be able to continue the translation of the last Modern Family episode because I've been suspended for not following the rules ( :( ). So while waiting, I thought that this will be a good idea to, first, read the rules and then join this forum! I'd like to be more involved in translation now, so maybe that's a good start! 


I used to do translation in college (for the French, I was in LEA - Langues Etrangères Appliquées) and translating subtitles is a good way for me to improve my knowledge in English and also to make available subtitles in French for series I enjoy (and I just hate series and movies dubbed into French!). I try to be well organized when I am doing translation: one large window with the text to translate, one small window with the video and one other small window with google, ready to search every idoms, terms (etc), to find the best translation (I am kind of allergic to missinterpreation!). And now, I am going to have a printed version of the rules with me^^. I am very meticulous about the meaning but I have to admit that grammar and punctuation are not my best assets. But I am ready to improve myself! 


So my favorite shows are... Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Community, Downton Abbey, Homeland, House of Cards, Modern Family, Orange is the New Black, Parks and Rec, Rectify, etc, etc. (+ somes French series like Un village français, Platane, Fais pas çi, fait pas ça, etc.)


So... That's it! :)

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Hi, welcome here!


Might I redirect you to the french forum for further assistance for your work?

Also, might I add that addic7ed is not a sandbox for improving one's language?


While it wasn't me who sent you a warning, I found many mistakes in your work even if you should have read the basic rules found before joining a translation aswell as the comments in the chatbox: 


  • Your punctuation : absence of space before question mark and interrogation mark (not like english).
  • Interjections and onomatopoeia shouldn't be translated in a
  • Repetitions such as "no, no, no, no!" should be reduced to 2 or 3 maximum, but most of the time, you don't even need to repeat them.
  • You translate every present progressive tense by writing "entrain". First, the correct spelling is "en train", second, you should avoid "en train" at all cost.
  • Accent on upper case letter is mandatory in french.
  • You should consider reducing the length of your translation and keep an eye on the timing. 
  • Be carefull when translating idioms, it's still a bit wonky.
  • Be sure to cut your sentences properly, and not between a verb and its pronoun, the determiner and its noun, etc.
  • Many little things: "Ok" should be "OK" (though you should find something better), mistakes in conjugation, "Yeah" should be "Oui" and not "Ouais" most of the time, etc.


Good luck.

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Ok. Thank you for the advises.


I did not mean that I wanted to use Addi7ed as a "sandbox" to learn English. It's just that it gives me the occasion to practise a little bit.

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