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Yes I have an addiction to addic7ed like most of you but in the meantime, I've looked at several sites that should have subtitles for various shows.

In the site order, I check when addic7ed is not available.

http://www.sous-titres.eu/ - Earliest translators / rippers with French emphasis however some do English translations

http://www.tvsubs.net/ - International with support for English subs

http://subscene.com - The Arabic posters grab English subs from other sites and post them here so it's kind of convenient

http://www.podnapisi.net/ppodnapisi/najnovejsi/v/2 - Last ditch check

It sucks right now. If you're an American, you can always try Hulu and watch shows (if available) off there when CC becomes available (day or two at most but can take up to a week).

And if you got Google Chrome, you can manage to work around with the Chinese site here which some of them do translate into English. The translation tool in Chrome helps alot to get you navigating around there.


In the meantime, if there aren't subs, just wait for it to become available.

Generally speaking, it is not necessary to request subs for episodes that Addic7ed is regularly providing for current TV shows; quality subtitles are usually available within a few hours at most - it's what Addic7ed does best. In particular, do not request subs for shows or episodes that are less than three days old.

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Some requests aimed at "requesters":

- try searching the forum before requesting subs; it's possible that someone else has already requested what you are looking for, and it is better to add your weight to theirs. (A thread that grows demands more attention and interest than a scattering of individual posts.)

- if you do post a new request topic, include the title of the show in the topic header; e.g., "Subs wanted for Bob The Builder S04", or even just "Bob The Builder S04", is a lot more useful than a topic headed "Subs Request", "Need Subs"... etc.

And read the Forum Rules regarding requesting subs!


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Important links: Forum Help.


Never look before you leap, it'll spoil the surprise.

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