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Problem With Daily Download Count Exceeded Limit


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HI there,


First of all I would like to congratulate the team here as they are doing a great work.

I myself have been doing some subtitles in the early 00's at the time where SVCD were the best for DVD Players (for those who remember those pieces of hardware :)).

So I know it must be a hard work even if the speech software might be really helpful these days.


Today I come to this forum because my download count has dropped to 15 a day.

And I find it quite funny because, as I was downloading more subtitles these days, trying to catch-up with my collection, I contacted the Admin of Addic7ed to ask a question about supporting the Website.

In short, after 4 years, it's time I support the website but I can't due to an error on the Paypal module.

And two days after asking the Admin how to resolve this error so I can support the website, I get a lower capacity of downloads... And still, no solution on how to support the team.


Please, could you get an eye on that so I can finally support the team and get a better download count ?


Thanks in advance,





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First of all, thank you for the kind words and for the contribution you had on the subtitle scene.

Due to some personal IRL issues, I couldn't reply to emails lately. Sorry about it. 


The limit in "Panel" is 15. That's because it doesn't count your IP limit. After you use the downloads on your IP, it will subtract from the user limit (in Panel).

It should show the total limit, I agree.. and we'll make that change at some point. 


You can donate by clicking the "Donate" (Paypal button) at the top of every page. 

I just tried and it seems to work.

Can you please tell me what exactly are you bumping into? 

If you want to make a screen shot and send it to me, please do it via the contact page. 

I'll reply to all the emails tomorrow. 



After you donate please send me a message using the same contact form above.


Sorry again for the delay.



Changing the world. One subtitle at a time.

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Hello Alex,


Thank you for replying so quickly.

i already contacted you using the form 3 days ago with a screenshot but please, try not to bother about my request as I just tested to log into Paypal and I get the same error I send you 3 days ago.

My account must have a problem.


I'll try to solve it and then I'll proceed to the donation, then send you the message using the contact form.




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